Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why must we apologize?

Why should America apologize to the nations of the world for being America. Sure we have done some bad things, some stupid things, and even some illegal or dare I say evil things. We are not perfect, that is for sure, but do we really need to beg the world to forgive us like Obama has done since his election? America has done far more good than bad in the world, and I would argue has spared the world from prolonged suffering at the cost of the blood of our sons and daughters.

Obama apologized to Germany, France, England, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, and pretty much every other nation. Lets just take a look at what these countries have done and why they are so much better than us, and why do we need to seek their approval?

Germany...Need I say more? This country has a shorter history than ours, and in that condensed amount of time has managed to send the world into chaos not once but twice. Under the Nazi's, Germany exterminated millions of Jews, killed Christians, homosexuals, and anyone else they thought didn't fit the mold that they in their arrogance created. Yet we look to them for approval? (Did I mention America stopped them?)

France: For centuries the world feared the French, and rightly so. France was the most powerful nation state in the world from the 16th century through the 19th. They marched all over Europe from the time of Louis the XIV till Napoleon. This was no kind country, but a country that wanted all power unto itself. They did not fight to free people but to oppress them and rule them. The French had the most feared military of its day and it took almost every other nation in Europe to keep it from taking power over the entire continent. But that's okay right? I mean they were bad, but not anymore. Plus they are French, so much more classy than us Americans. We need their support and their forgiveness for being better than they are I guess.

England: Well, I guess we will always be second best to our mother country. I mean they have Socialized medicine, and we don't! Oh no! They have a sweet monarchy and we don't. And they have a pretty bad ass accent and well, we sound like bumbling idiots. So I guess we should try to just be like them in every instance. I mean England never did anything bad right? So what if they colonized the world and became the biggest empire the world has ever seen. It doesn't matter that they were the bullies of the world. I mean, it's probably our fault that they had to be dragged into a war with the United States. Americans are just so blood thirsty, we skipped every possible step and went right for the firearms right?

Russia: Sadly coming in a not so distant 3rd to, the empire formally known as, Britain for the largest empire ever (23.7 million km2 as opposed to Britain's 33.67 million km2). This country has gone through many changes over the years, but it's the most recent century that gives me pause. Why would we want to gain the acceptance of a nation that has a history of brutally enslaving its own people. I don't want to be too harsh here, but more people died as a result of communism in the 20th century than all the American wars combined (including who we killed too).

As for Venezuela and Cuba: refer to Russia, add some hispanics, decrease portion size, mix, and repeat. Not to mention that Cuba and its beloved son Che Guevara are responsible for massive murders all under the guise of liberation! Venezuela on the other hand is a newer cat on the scene. Chavez has only recently took power by stealing an election and changing the constitution so he can be El Presidente for life, but wait, there is more to come.

These nations have histories full of ups and downs, good and bad. We don't hate them because of what they did years ago or under the rule of a evil dictator. The Germans are still good people, the French may be snobs but we can get along. The Russians are a bit rough around the edges, but we enjoy the good that they have brought about (mainly their vodka). And even our first sworn enemy, the British, are not so bad after all. My point is, they have their bad side and so does America, but one main thing stands out. If you look at America and what it has done for the world and compare it too other nations, it's no contest.

America has dished out far more good than evil, and we don't even ask to be paid back. We don't want a pat on the back or even an 'ata boy. All we want is to simply be. So Obama, stop accepting gifts from America haters, and don't travel to other nations and lament how horrible we are, because we aren't horrible. You may think so—and if that's the case, what are you doing as our president? – but we don't agree. Let us just be unapologetically American and the world will see our greatness and then they can decide to love us or hate us. If they want to hate us, then fine, we don't need their approval because we know that we stand on the side of liberty and justice, and if another nation declares that they hate us, then we know they also hate our values. Now, do we really want their approval?

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