Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Clinton on Welfare?

"Former President Clinton's niece, Macy Clinton, said she is in such a rut, she uses a government benefit card to get food from her local grocery store. She blames her financial trouble on former President Clinton's brother, Roger, who she says abandoned her."

"It's hard, because I'm a Clinton, too, but I have to be on food stamps, and I have to sacrifice everything just to make it day by day,"

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

My Perspective:

So the Clintons, who were all about helping others, want us to foot the bill for their own family problems...This is ridiculous and is a perfect example of the "do as I say, not as I do" political crowd. Welfare gets votes, plain and simple. If these people really cared about the poor they would be doing more than passing laws to make other people take care of it (foot the bill).

Also, I find it hard to believe that a Clinton could not find a good enough job to put food on the table. There are plenty of people who support themselves on meager jobs, they just have to live a meager lifestyle. She is taking the easy way out, and there is no question about that.

Lastly, she blames her situation on her father. Well, being too poor to be able to afford food should have been a sufficient motivator for her to either make amends or request help from her Uber-rich uncle Billy. Unfortunately, she instead turned to welfare which only eased her current situation. She still has all the problems that got her to where she is at.

Of course, she could have asked for help from the family. I don't know all the things she tried. However, if she did approach Uncle Billy or Aunt Hillary, she was obviously turned away (and probably told to just go on welfare). And we wonder why the family unit is in shambles in America.

Throwing money at a person or problem rarely fixes it, especially when the real issue is not a lack of money, but a lack of responsibility (on all sides).

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