Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nanny State = Tyranny

"The Obama administration plans to order companies that received the most money from the Wall Street bailout to cut pay to top executives, a government source told Fox Business Network.

Under the plan, the seven companies that received the most government aid will have to cut annual salaries by about 90 percent from last year for the 25 highest-paid executives."

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My Perspective:

This is always the case with government. When you allow the government to come in and help you by providing money or a service (which is money in a different form) for you, you essentially allow the government to usurp liberties from you as well. The case of the mandatory pay cuts is just one example, and it actually does make logical sense. Unfortunately this is a dangerous road that is covered with good intentions but leads straight to tyranny.

Here is the logic:
When the government aides you in some way they are acting as a provider. As in the case of a family, the provider makes the rules and those who wish to benefit from the provider must obey the rules. This is why a family is essentially a dictatorship. Although I believe in liberty and individualism, they are both incongruous with a family structure. Why? because the parents are the providers. The children can't do much on their own, and definitely can't live on their own, so they are bound to the parents and are essentially at their command. This is why a parent can order their child to do chores, go to bed, eat healthy, etc. It is because the parents have a vested interest in their money and will set rules on how it is to be spent.

I'm sure we all remember being young and asking for a few dollars to go get something at the corner store. What usually happened? Well, your mom or dad would either agree or not agree to the request. If they did agree to give you money, they usually set some rules like no junk food, only 1 soda a day, or you have to buy your sister something. The rules are seemingly endless.

Well in the case of the Nanny State, this example applies directly. It should be rather obvious because it's in the name "Nanny" but most people don't realize the ramifications of those statist policies. Much like the Wall Street CEOs are finding out now, once you sell your soul to the devil, he owns you.

Do you think Universal Healthcare will be any different? Right now our government tries to tell us what to do in matters it should have no say. We can't smoke, can't eat trans fats, tax tobacco, sugary drinks, limit the number of fast food restaurants in a certain location...I mean the list is really endless. And if you think that is bad, Universal Healthcare will make it worse because it will legitimize those actions.

As of now, the government holds no legitimate claim to what we do with our own bodies. As long as our lifestyles do not infringe on others liberties, the government truly has no legitimate claim to order us otherwise. But, if we allow the government to supply us with healthcare, that will essentially be state ownership of you. Since almost everything you do in life can effect your health or well being -- and of course the government will define what is the right well being (just like parents do) -- the government will have a legitimate claim to control any part of your life that they deem influential to you health. And how do they justify telling you what to do? They do it by you allowing them to, by forfeiting your liberties for the ease of government healthcare (never mind that it will make health care worse).

see the difference is that without government intervention in healthcare like now (and that's only partially true) they have no legitimate claim to you. You cannot make a logical argument for government control of you. But once you give them the duty of providing for you, you give them the basis for which to make that logical argument. Just like a child is the subject of its parents, you will be the subject of your government. And just like a family, which as we all know "is a dictatorship, not a democracy," you will be told what to do by a stand in for mommy, the Nanny State.

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  1. Well said Jarod. The paralell is uncanny and down right unsettling to me.


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