Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maher: still arrogant, still wrong.

My Perspective:

Bill Maher finally gets one thing right, but misses the actual point he is trying to argue. He is the biggest hypocrite and most arrogant ass ever given a TV show. I can't believe he can say the things he does, like the debate is not over, this isn't settled science, and then follow that up with..."like global warming."

Here are just some of his quotes:

"Western medicine likes to cut off debate"
"The science is not settled"
"This is not settled science like global warming, and that's what they're trying to say. that it's as crazy as fighting global warming or evolution."

He just got done railing against the establishment and western medicine and how they have been wrong in the past when people just accepted what they and the government said as fact. Now he thinks we should look into it and he doesn't want to be criticized for it, because after all this is a free country and science is about debate...but wait, that isn't his reasoning. His reasoning is not that medicine and governments can be wrong, so we should be allowed to voice criticism and have debate even on issues most people agree on (of which global warming is not one). He just wants to be right and allowed to speak his mind. Anything he thinks is not settled should be debated, because he probably doesn't agree with the establishment, but if he thinks it is settled than no need for more debate because Bill Maher is so smart, if he agrees with the consensus then there is no way it can be wrong.

If he was really trying to make a logically coherent argument based around freedom, he would concede that he was wrong to shout down debate over climate change. He should go on his show and declare:

"You know, I've been getting a lot of heat about this whole vaccination thing. I really don't think that we should just blindly put things into our body, and I do believe we should have a choice in the matter. Furthermore, I think we need to talk about this openly and for as long as it takes until my mind and the minds of others are set at ease. It is obvious that this is not settled if so many people are crying out against it. Even if they are wrong, they have a right to speak and they should not be shouted down. I would like to also take this time to extend my apologies to those who deny anthropogenic climate change. After this experience I understand what it is like to try to get answers when everyone just looks at you like you are an idiot and gives you the silent treatment. It not only makes it difficult to have an honest discussion, but it makes many people feel like they don't matter when it really is the people who matter most. Not some medical association or some government body, even if it's one I agree with. So even though I still think that we are causing the climate crisis, I will be open to hosting debate on the issue. I mean hey, If my side is so right, then it should be an easy debate to win right?"

That's what a real man would do. That is what someone who believes in liberty, free speech, and the power of the people would do. But as of now, Bill Maher is just to full of himself to see the logical conclusion of his argument. This man thinks that he has disproved religion and solved the political problems of the world all while have an abject sense of humor. I hope he comes around, but one thing that I would love to do is debate him. However, I don't know if he would give me the chance.

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