Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who didn't see this coming?

A Follow up to yesterday's post...

My Perspective:

Now, CEO John Mackey is coming under intense fire from union workers and liberals alike. Since Mackey has obviously come up with some fantastic ideas to fix health care in his Wall Street Journal column, the left is now seeking to silence him. How? oh just the usual tactics the left always uses. He is being labeled a racist and a bigot, and the protesters are quick to jump to conclusions about his values and personal beliefs. Funny thing is, not only do they get everything wrong (as you can see in this video), But his ideas about health care and individual empowerment -- read no more group think and group politics, AKA the left loses its power -- have worked well for him and his employees who seem to have it better than most unions. They vote every 3 years on what is in their health care package among other things, and how many union reps or presidents only take 1 dollar a year for salary...because Mackey does.

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