Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are these law makers high?


"'The law has been hijacked by profiteers who are motivated not by compassion, but by money,' said Melinda Haag, one of California's U.S. Attorneys, at a DOJ press conference on October 11, 2011."

This statement exposes the economic ignorance of those in the federal government. First off, how are business to function without making a profit? As John Mackey said profit to a business is like air to a human. One needs to breath in order to survive, but that is not the reason for one's existence.

Of course, the government folk will say that they are not against these people making a profit, just not obscene profits. So their solution is to put these 'profiteers' out of business so that neither compassion nor profit can be realized. And in the absence of these legal entities, illegal enterprises will spring up to supply the demand for this want (and in the legitimate cases, a need). These illegal enterprises are also known as drug dealers. You know, those people that care only about profit and obscene ones at that.

We can keep trying to repress the individual while wasting our wealth on enforcement programs than have never worked while they curtail our liberties or we can allow this industry to exist in society. It will exist regardless, might as well have it exist in the way that makes money and doesn't kill people or destroy their futures in the process.

Saying drugs ruin people's lives is nothing more than a guess--one who've assumes that ex-users can't turn their lives around. But when we have the policies we do now it is a self fulfilling prophecy.

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