Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free Markets require Free Men

Obama and his sidekicks keep deriding the free market. They tell us that the free market is a joke and that it has failed. They demonize the free market as an instrument of evil intent, but what is the free market? It is just what it says, a market of free people. It is the ability for us to live and conduct commerce freely. When they talk about corporate greed and 'market abuses,' they are actually pointing to problems they [government] have created and then calling it the free market. It is nothing of the sort. This is just a massive projection of tyranny on liberty.

George Orwell wrote of a day when the government would engage in flagrant acts of double-speak, and we all thought we'd be too smart for that. However, the subtleties the progressives used slipped by with little detection until now. The government, when it trashes the free market, is in fact demonizing the American people for we are the creators of and actors in the market, and it is only through our personal liberties that the market works, and yet our liberties rely on the market remaining free. It is similar to a symbiotic relationship with one major difference. A symbiotic relationship is between two different entities, however the free market is impossible to separate from us. We are the 'Free' in Free Market, and without our freedom, neither the market, nor the "individual" can survive.

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  1. Interesting thought on the symbolic relationship. A house divided......


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