Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Power of Truth and Knowledge.

My Perspective:

It is good to hear that there are those on the other side of the pond who are trying to maintain our liberties.
Global Warming is the biggest sham ever pushed on the American people and the world, especially the
third-world. These "environmentalists" want to keep us from using our resources and technology, and they
cause more harm then good with their "well intentioned policies."

What these people don't understand is that even though our resources may be finite, there is no limit to
human innovation. We can, and we will figure out a way to provide and do it at a fair market price. Every
decade or so, some alarmist theorizes about some environmental calamity. In the 70's it was global cooling,
then the population bomb, and of course the land-fill issue, endangered species, etc. The point is, these
"scientists" don't realize that as situations change, so too do people and industry. If there is a need for
energy and thus a demand, then there will be a supply, and there are huge incentives for people to discover
new methods.

The population bomb was supposed to have us all eating each other before the new millennium. If you
haven't noticed, that didn't happen. Why? well mainly because the man who predicted it didn't take into
account a very important variable. Human ingenuity. Yes, the world population is increasing, but because of
advancements in farming technology we have more than enough food, and at a very low price. Sure, hired
hands at farms probably took a beating, but they found new work (and probably better, more likable work)
and food production was increased while prices were lowered. So even though the population soared, we
could keep up, and the same is true with other resources like oil, electricity, metals, and others. New
advancements in technology are changing the world everyday, and once nano tech gets up and running,
the world will get that much bigger all over again.

Don't believe the obvious lies of a select few scientists, bureaucrats, and ex-politicians. Climate change is
just another vehicle of government to gain power. Remember, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."
~ White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.

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