Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The mistaken view of Walmart

This is off of Carpe Diem

My Perspective:

Not only can Walmart offer a decent Thanksgiving dinner for around $20, but it provides everyone, especially the middle and lower classes with affordable options to maintain today's standard of living. It boggles my mind when people complain about Walmart putting other people out of business. These people are essentially saying that they don't like Walmart, because they are too good at what they do. They claim that since Walmart gives such high value at such low prices, they are pushing other small local stores out of business. Okay? and the problem is? the only people that should complain about that are the local store owners, yet it is everyone, and they are all suckers. The local shop owners are trying to keep Walmart out so that they can keep charging higher prices. Not that they are price gouging (although that can take place), but rather they are trying to save their own livelihood at the expense of everyone else's. Seems pretty selfish and arrogant to me.

Why should we punish businesses that produce services and products better than anyone and make it possible for all to share in a high-end lifestyle? It is business, especially good business (Walmart) that creates wealth and lower prices so that we can spread our wealth around more to other business. This enriches us more with material goods and it enriches those who sell the products. Capitalism is the most efficient and ethical form of redistribution. anything that a government does is not based on the best interests of you or I. Government redistributes wealth to the areas that will bring them the most return and that is measured in another currency: Votes. Politicians dole out money to special interests and to the people that will be most effected by it, the poor. That is why the liberals are always trying to appear compassionate, but it is a lie. True compassion is first voluntary and then it does no harm. True compassion can not be evil by its nature, and yet the compassion claimed by the left is only achievable through coercion, which is evil.

True compassion is when someone aids another in getting through a rough patch. It is returning them to freedom, not dependence. It is taking the time to teach someone to fish, not just giving them one everyday which makes them reliant and obedient, for they will not bite the hand that feeds them.

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  1. Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken. See the link below for more info.



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